A Gummy's Life
A Gummy's Life multiplayer videogame

Warning! The gummies have come to life… and they have gone fruit loopy!

The gummies have invaded the city, they’re everywhere: in the football stadium, the park, the fortress, the fairground, even in the beehive?!

It’s impossible to keep your eyes off the relentless free-for-all gummy action with their floppy fist fights and sweet yet savage sucker punches.

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, but since gummies don’t have pens, they use their surroundings to terrible effect. And you thought there were so sweet!

Pick and mix

So many gummies to choose from: Bear, Cola, Watermelon, Egg, Banana, Shark and many more.

Choose your preferred flavour and jump into the hilarious wacky battles with friends and family. Unlock different cosmetics to customize your gummies even more.

There can only be one champion, so show everyone who rules over the sugar! Its winner takes all and that includes the newly unlocked gummies to play with. 

A Gummy's Life character selection

Game Features

Battle royale with up to 16 contestants

Play with up to 8 players online or have local multiplayer brawls with up to 16 friends.

Easy to play, hard to master

Button bash your way to victory or plan a strategic strike to take your opponents out.

Multiple game modes

Hot Potato, King of the Hill, Team Deathmatch and the endlessly fun Free-for-all mode.

Unlockable cosmetics!

Play online to unlock different hats and glasses to make your battles even funnier.

Full controller and keyboard support

Controllers are fully supported with personalised profiles and customizable control layouts. While controller use is highly recommended, keyboard and mouse can equally do the trick.

Tons of levels with various game styles and mechanics

You’ll find something new in each level with each one requiring a different way to be played. Have fun discovering all their secrets!

You can never have too many gummies
(don’t say that to your dentist)

The difference in gummies is more than superficial. Choose the gummy with the stats that best match your play style. Plus! There are lots of gummies yet to be unlocked!

Crazy physics-based battles

Land some skittle smashing hits and teeth cracking throws. Every fight is unique and will leave a lasting taste in your mouth.

Content updates galore

Since Day One there have been regular updates and there are plenty more to come. Join our social channels with your suggestions – all are welcome!

Tasty taunts!

The only thing that tastes as good as victory is rubbing it in your opponent’s face. Be careful though, it may whip them up into a frenzy.

Universal fun

Everyone loves gummies and anyone can play A Gummy’s Life.

Recent Patch Notes

We keep our game updated with improvements, new fuctions, new maps, new characters and new game modes.



















A Gummy's Life 1.0.3a update

Small Fixes and improvements

Patch Notes 1.1.5:

      • Improved network code to reduce latency, memory management and synchronization time
      • Your gummy character will turn towards the target when there’s no input, so hitting your opponents effectively will be much easier. You asked for it, here you have it!
      • Steam only: Improved screen settings behavior with more than one screen
      • Fixed an overpowered climbable wall in Arigatothewater map
      • Steam only: A new profile will be created automatically when you open the game the first time with your Steam user (you can still change it afterwards, but we make sure you start collecting stats from the beginning!)
A Gummy's Life 1.0.3a update

Fixes, improvements and a spooky surprise!

Patch Notes 1.1.4:

    • Improvements:

      • New game option “Afterlife”: enable it so that when a player dies they will appear on the map as a ghost, the fun never stops!
      • Stylish addition: when playing King of the Hill, hitting a marshmallow with a barrel or a ball will score a point, show off!
      • When an AI wins a match, if there’s a hat nearby, it will try to equip it to celebrate its victory, take that, human person!
    • Fixes:

      • Randomized gummies used to lose their cosmetics before the game, now they will stay glued on unless your gummy gets hit too hard.
      • Gummies’ feet used to bug on BeeCareful tiles, stopping the floor from falling, but all gummies are now doomed to fall.
      • Scores for King of the Hill mode when playing online with 3 or more players showed the wrong number, for this patch we’ve learned to count.
      • After dying online in Grousky, controllers would keep vibrating even after the player’s death, we’ve gone a more eco-friendly route and we’ve decided to make it stop, to save energy.
A Gummy's Life 1.0.3a update

New cosmetics available!

A Gummy’s Life update 1.1.3:

    • A whole new set of hats and glasses available to unlock.
    • First season is over! All the cosmetics that you have not gotten already can’t be unlocked anymore.

    • Cosmetics already won will remain in your inventory to show off!
A Gummy's Life 1.0.3a update

New patch, new map!

Patch Notes 1.1.2:

    • New map available: Altar!
    • You can now ping yourself on the screen by pressing L3 on your controller or Tab on your keyboard to reveal your position
    • Fixed a bug that appeared when grabbing a door in Robox in the online mode
    • Fixed a desynchronization of Hot Potato mode in online matches
    • Fixed bad synchronization of KO’d players in online mode
    • Switch only: The Switch players encountered online will now appear in your “Recently played with” tab
A Gummy's Life 1.0.3a update

News for Private Online matches:

Patch Notes 1.1.1:

    • Private online matches can now be set up like local matches:
      • 3 game modes available – Free for all, Hot Potato and King of the Hill;
      • all maps to choose from;
      • matches up to 10 random maps
    • Added Korean language
    • Now, when you leave a local match after the first round, a game played will be added to your statistics and also a game won to the winner’s profile
    • Steam only: Now the game will get muted when it’s not focused
    • If a gummy gets stuck between the numbers in Clockwork when the floor goes down, it will explode after some seconds.
A Gummy's Life 1.0.3a update

Fixes and improvements on all platforms:

Patch Notes 1.1.0a:

  • Improvements:

    • Steam only: Players playing on Nintendo Switch will be represented with its platform logo
    • The process of entering an online match with WIFI connections has been improved.
    • Matches in progress will now appear at the bottom of the list of matches

  • Fixes:

    • When equipping a cosmetic that your gummy can’t equip, it was erased, but the “equipped” VFX appeared, instead of the “broken” VFX.

    • Some statistics were not being recorded properly in online matches.

    • When playing with “End round with only AIs left”, in some cases Draw was not given properly 

A Gummy's Life 1.0.3a update

News for Steam and Nintendo Switch

Patch Notes 1.1.0:

  • Cross Play with PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S is now available
  • Cosmetics! Different hats and glasses have been added for each of your gummies to keep fighting crazily, but stylish! You’ll be able to unlock them by playing online (matchmaking)
  • 3 new maps available
  • The training map is now also selectable for local play
  • 2 new unlockable gummies
  • New unlockable difficulty mode
  • Full rework of the grabbing system: more freedom, less vibrations, better flow
  • The AIs will now be able to drive the tractor: watch out!
  • Improved AIs behavior to follow you to places where they couldn’t before: run for your life!
  • The slippery stat will now also involve the ability of gummies to get up from KO a little faster
  • The upwards speed when jumping is now limited to avoid rare cases of speeding up due to collision forces between players
  • Improved movements of Plank and Tackle to be faster and smoother
  • The hexagons in BeeCareful will recover its original color much slower now after being stepped on
  • You can now pass the potato by driving through another gummy with the tractor in Hot Potato mode
  • The cannon balls in Powxels will knock out at least 0.1s
  • In Robox, the sugar splats on the belts will now move with them
  • The AIs will now choose more varied colors for their gummies
  • Steam only: Sony DualSense™ controller is now supported
  • Steam only: Clear Stats button changed for Delete Profile
  • The number of rounds played/to be played will now be shown together with the scoreboard
  • Descriptions of the different game modes will be shown when hovering or changing the modes in Map Selection
  • The scoreboard will now be shown when announcing the global scores at the end of the match
A Gummy's Life 1.0.3a update

Fixes on PC & Switch

Patch Notes 1.0.3c:

  • Fixes:

    • AIs used to take control over the player’s gummy in rare cases of a bit of lag detected; we have a system to ensure other players can still play if one loses connection, but hey, a bit of lag should not make you lose your character!

    • Gummies would get stuck in the online hub if they got out & in of a game very quickly; we explained to them how agile humans are and they’ll handle it better from now on.

    • Fixed an issue with the internal clock synchronization in online mode that caused, on some occasions, that other players were not seen moving.

    • Sudden death after a draw at the end of an online game was not working, but there can only be one champion!

    • Steam only: Remaping the keyboard controls was not working properly.

A Gummy's Life 1.0.3a update

Fixes and minor improvements on PC & Switch

Patch Notes 1.0.3b: 

  • Improvements:

    • You can now raise your arms up in the character selection screen, even if you didn’t lock your gummy, to make it easier to recognize your spot in the screen.
  • Fixes:

    • You can unlock the Egg again, an evil bug made it impossible, sorry!

    • Fixed the height being wrongly displayed on some texts.

    • Fixed some rare cases with the pause menu.

A Gummy's Life 1.0.3a update

New improvements on PC & Switch

Patch Notes 1.0.3a:

  • Improvements:

    • The Gummy Ring now has a purple color.
    • The names of players will now show correctly with the game font in all languages.
    • Improved the online synchronization of multiple jumps and falls (on Dakongo’s liana for example).
    • Improved the online synchronization of the movement in Tagada.
    • Improved performance in Tagada.
    • Steam only: better movement feeling with high FPS in Tagada.
  • Fixes:

    • Sometimes KO’d gummies would not replicate the correct position in online mode.
    • Some gummies had their arm vibrating when using the Bowing Taunt.
    • In rare cases a player disappeared in the online mode until the next level.
    • The player boxes on Robox were not synchronizing as they were supposed to.
A Gummy's Life 1.0.3 update

Complete visual revamp on Switch & New balance and improvements on PC & Switch

Patch Notes 1.0.3: 

  • Improvements:

    • Switch only: Visual and Performance revamp, everything should look much better and perform better!
    • Switch only: You can now invite your friends to your Private Match in Online mode!
    • You can now jump on top of A Frog’s Life cars.
    • Revamp of how the collisions on moving platforms work. They should work perfectly now.
    • Training mode now starts immediately instead of a 3… 2… 1… counting down
    • Improved synchronization of the online player movements with high ping players
    • Improved synchronization of the online player jumps with high ping players
    • AI now jumps down of Dakongo superior platforms after being thrown by the cannon
    • AI on hard mode now knows how to follow you if you climb walls
    • AI on hard mode does not try to grab a gummy a second time to prevent some cases of saving it
    • New stat: Zombies killed
    • If someone opens the menu or controls UI in character selection, the countdown will stop
    • Track’n Splash train door has now a better behavior
  • Fixes:

    • AI in Clockwork, hot potato mode, now has priority on passing the potato rather than getting on top of a number
    • Gummies could freeze and stand still if get up and fall recovery happen at the same time
    • Zombarn tractor can no longer get stuck without moving
    • Steam only: Gummies’ outline in team mode is now in sync with the characters

Frequently Asked Questions

Which forums are available to find more information about the game?

You can reach us and our community through Steam, Discord, TwitterInstagram & TikTok

Which controllers can I use when playing on computer?

You can easily connect console controllers to your computer and even create your own button configuration in the game.

Can I play online with more than one player on the same console?

Unfortunately not. When playing online only one player per device is allowed.

Is A Gummy's Life cross-play?

Yes, it is! You can play with your friends no matter what device you are using (Steam / Nintendo Switch / Xbox / PlayStation).

What's the meaning of the different character statistics?

Each character has slightly different stats, being strength, defense and slippery (how hard it can be grabbed and hit due to morphological reasons).

Will there be any other characters or maps?

Depending on the response to the huge update / release on new platforms in September 2021. Feel free to make any suggestions in our Discord or social media. We’re listening!

Has A Gummy's Life got cross-buy on Xbox platforms?

Yes, buying the game on one Xbox console, you’ll be able to play on any of them (Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S).

Has A Gummy's Life got cross-buy on PlayStation platforms?

Yes, buying the game on one PlayStation console, you’ll be able to play on any of them (PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5).