EP Gem Hunter

Live this exciting adventure of persecution & escape

Ayron doesn’t know what fear means, he is the most courageous guy in the village. He doesn’t know what tireness means, he is so persistent on everything he does.

He is so responsible and aware of the fatal economic situation of his friends, family and neighbourhoods that he didn’t think twice when he heard about the magic world of the gems. It could be a fantastic opportunity to help his friends to have a better life, to save the village and to make them happier. Everybody has a lot of expectations put on him. Cheer up! You can achieve it!


An improved game with modern mechanics

Avoid being caught out by the four fearsome monsters that pursue Ayron wherever he goes. They can spoil your mission!

Clothy is a dread ghost, a spirit that has been searching a new body to inhabit and come alive again. Teethy is a resurrected mummy very well conserved thanks to the high-quality botanical products they used for embalming; it seems that he should have been a very rich and powerful person in life. Maybe diamonds come from its mausoleum and  he is very furious protecting its richness. Boney is a ghastly skull of a skeleton from a very dangerous murderer that was executed because of his crimes tons of years ago. Chunky is an undead zombie, who agreed to a pact with the devil to get the immortality, but his soul is as dark as the cave where he inhabits.


Can it be a better game? Can it provide more fun? Yes it can.

In EP Gem Hunter full version you can choose between 2 additional levels of difficulty: High and Extreme.

You’ll be able to customize Ayron making him especial by choosing his eyes, his hair and his clothes. Also you can select the “two players” option in which you can challenge somebody to a duel in shifts.

5 wonderful & amazing sceneries in FULL HD

The same 5 labyrinths as in the Classic Pacman.

An abandoned village with a tenebrous cementery; a lonely park in a spring evening; a disquieting candy town where nothing is what it seems; a haunted castle with its majestic medieval towers; and the never-ending beach where bathers have left their towers running away from monsters years and years ago.

Become an unforgettable, well-known, prestigious, admired, adored, and acclaimed hero as you will be in your village when you come back home full of diamonds and richness.

EP Gem Hunter was the first mobile game that ep games developed:

The first game of others that came later and the first game of others that will come soon under the EP brand. The development of EP Gem Hunter was such a pleasant challenge, such an interesting learning.

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