EP Chain Reaction

Easy to PLAY

Watch carefully the direction of the gems and touch the screen to choose the starting point of the first explosion.

Gems will crash into the explosion providing colourful fireworks and adding points to your scoreboard. The higher difficulty in successive levels comes from the increase in the number of gems and the challenging number of explosions you have to attain. Are you ready to face the challenge?

4 helpful and enjoyable power-ups available

Enable them before starting a game & unlock them by playing.

The power-ups are:

  • Starting a second explosion touching the screen. It can be used only once in a game. When it is available, just touch the screen a second time.
  • Increasing the speed of the gems during the complete game.
  • Making a bigger starting explosion.
  • Decreasing in 1 the number of explosions needed to pass all the levels of the game.

an exciting spectacle of shiny gems and fireworks!

It’s so quiet you will relax thanks to the peaceful gems’ movements, bright fireworks when collisions occur and the beautiful soundtrack.

Try that sensation of comfortable concentration that allows you to clear your mind for a little while. EP Chain Reaction will catch you.

Continue the chain reaction in the social media, share this information with your friends and compete against them in our world ranking and your group of friends ranking.

You’ll receive a nice reward when you reach the highest levels:

A special rainbow in your hands. It will delight you. It is not as easy as it seems in the beginning; first, you should accumulate Chain Points from your game’s scores to invest them later on improving the size and duration of your explosion.

Being a bit patient initially will provide you with big fun later on, overcoming more levels with each improvement and breaking all the records.

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